A Trust Attorney Discusses Wills and Trusts

Everybody has actually heard the terms “will” and “trust,” but not everybody knows the distinctions in between the two. Both are useful estate planning devices that serve various functions, and both can collaborate to create a complete estate plan. Speaking with the Experts at Fair Oaks Probate Law can make a large difference in your … [Read more…]

Whats After Probate

Folsom Probate Law has a new Folsom Probate Lawyer on staff, so we put her through the ringer and interviewed her about Probate, Living Trusts and estate planning in general, below you will discover what happens after probate. Whether an individual dies with or without a will, for the most part, his estate needs to … [Read more…]

What is The Difference Between a Will and a Trust

Everyone has actually heard the terms “will” and “trust,” however not everyone knows the differences in between the two. Both are useful estate planning devices that serve different functions, and both can work together to create a total estate plan. To Help explain the differences we called up our friends ate Carmichael Probate Law.  There … [Read more…]

Who Acquires an Estate When There Is No Will?

If a person does not have a will, state law determines who stands to acquire his or her property. These laws are referred to laws as intestate succession. When Intestate Succession Laws Apply Intestate succession laws primarily apply when the decedent did not have a will. It might apply in other situations, too. For example, … [Read more…]

Somebody is Wrong on the Web

There is an old Internet meme that reveals an image of a guy taking a look at a computer system while a lady stands in an entrance behind him The image is captioned with some method of stating that the guy can not go to bed since he needs to remain on the Internet because … [Read more…]

What Are the Risks and Benefits of Calling a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a legal designation in which one person provides another person, the agent, the right to make sure choices on his/her behalf. This designation is typically provided to provide someone the ability to make monetary choices and to perform monetary transactions on behalf of another person. Authority A power of attorney … [Read more…]

What Is a Life Insurance Trust?

Life insurance coverage policies are generally “owned” by the insurance policy holder, i.e. the individual who requests and pays premiums on the policy. Life insurance coverage trusts are developed when ownership of a policy is transferred from the policyholder to a trustee. Upon the insured’s death, the survivor benefit will be paid to the trustee … [Read more…]

Optional Share of a Making It Through Partner

When a couple is no longer able to remain serene, the estate owner may affect a plan of action to reduce what the spouse receives upon the owner’s death, however optional share laws ensure that the spouse does not receive anything through an inheritance. It is through the elective share that the making it through … [Read more…]

The Elective Share Statute in Indiana

Pursuant to the Indiana Law, surviving spouses have legal rights to renounce their inheritances in favor of their statutory elective shares. Based on the Uniform Probate Code, the Indiana Law contains an optional share allowance where one partner can not entirely disinherit the other in the lack of a legitimate nuptial or marital agreement. Therefore, … [Read more…]